1.    How do I register for classes?

You can register online or in person at the studio.

2.    I don’t understand the class structure, can you explain more? 

Every month we learn a new dance choreography within a 4-week period.

For example: Kpop dance classes are broken up into 4 parts:
Week 1: Beginning of choreography
Week 2: 1st Verse
Week 3: 2nd Verse
Week 4: Rest of choreography

After that 4-week period is over, you will have learned the entire dance. For the following month, we will learn a new dance.

3.    The monthly packages are very confusing. I don’t understand how it works.

The class price depends on how many classes you want to take per week for one month (total of 4 weeks).

For example: I want to come Tuesday @ 7:30pm and Thursday @ 7:30pm. 
                    Your package will be : 2 classes/week = $120 for one month.

Please note that the more classes you take, the rates are lower per class.Repeating classes do not count as one class (e.g Tues&Thurs @ 7:30pm).

4.    I am a complete beginner, am I able to still take class? 

Yes! All beginners are welcome to join our classes. No prior dance experience is required.

5.    Can I come watch the class or visit the studio?

 Please e-mail us in advance to schedule your visit. 

6.    I missed the first week of class! What can I do? 

Don’t worry! We allow you to take make-up classes for the previous week that you missed. Please discuss more with the front desk for details when you register for the class.

7.    The songs repeat twice on the schedule. Do I have to take both classes? 

We offer the same class twice a week so beginners can have the option to come for more practice if they are having trouble with learning and remembering the dance. However, you are not required to take both classes.

8.    Do you teach the whole dance in one class? 

We do not teach the whole dance in one class. Our class schedule changes every month so we will be learning the entire choreography throughout the month (4 weeks of class).

9.   What if there is a song I want to learn but you have already taught it? Will you re-teach it?

If there is a KPOP dance you really want to learn and we already taught it, you could request a private lesson or a private group lesson (more cost efficient than a one on one lesson). Please contact us for more details! 

10.  Are the classes hard? 

Most of our classes are beginner level such as our Hip Hop/Jazz Funk, and Popping. The difficulty of the KPOP classes depends on which dance we are currently learning. In most cases, the boy band KPOP songs are more difficult than the girls. However, we hope this does not discourage you from learning your favorite KPOP dance! Our instructors break down the choreography and will go over to help you to understand better.  You can always ask questions if there are some things you do not understand. :)